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Sydney Resin Stone - Permeable Solutions

It's Permeable

Resin bound paving is cold mixed on site using a process that ensures every particle of stone is completely covered in resin; forming a structurally stable 3D matrix. During the laying process, minute voids are created that allows water to drain through.
Enabling rain water to permeate through the surface allows ground water to level, which helps regulate the effects of ‘heave’ and ‘shrinkage’. This reduces standing water, surface water run-off and flash flooding.
During heavy rainfall, impermeable surfaces generate large amounts of surface water run-off which overwhelms drains and rivers and causes flash flooding.

Sydney Resin Stone - Beautiful layouts which add to the property image

Aesthetically Pleasing

Not only is resin bound paving decorative, it’s sustainable, practical and versatile, as you can see from these photos.
Resin bound paving is available in such a variety of colour and textures it is suitable for any type of project; new build or refurbishment and all styles of property; modern, traditional, listed or heritage.

Sydney Resin Stone - Made to withstand any type of weather

Resistant to Weather Conditions

Resin bound paving doesn’t soften in summer, freeze in winter or fade in sunlight.
Alternatives, such as asphalt, tend to soften in the heat which can result in marks in the surface, freeze in cold weather and experience colour deterioration due to UV exposure

Sydney Resin Stone - modern approach to beautiful and durable driveway & home solutions

Long Lasting

Resin bound paving is a strong, durable surface. While guarantees vary between 10 to 18 years, a premier product, installed correctly and properly maintained, can last for up to 25 years. Whilst concrete matches resin bound paving with its longevity, it fails to provide the same choice of colours and design flexibility.
Although some comapnies claim ‘asphalt will give at least 10 years trouble-free service’. Again, asphalt does not offer the same versatility or range of colours as resin bound paving.

Sydney Resin Stone - unlike many other road construction materials, resin bound solutions are here to stay with little to no care

Requires Minimal Maintenance

With resin bound paving there are no weeds to weed or lose stones to sweep.
Regular cleaning also reduces any moss or algal growth.

Sydney Resin Stone - Easy and clean installation with low turnaround times

Faster Installation With Less Mess

Resin bound paving is up to one third quicker than some other materials to install (approximately 250m² a day).
It can be laid over existing surfaces such as asphalt and concrete as well as directly onto a Type 3 sub-base with a reinforcing grid and separation membrane.


Environmentally Friendly

As surface or rain water seeps through permeable paving and the underlying bases they act as a natural filter by reducing or removing impurities and pollutants caused by oils and metals.
When rain water runs off an impermeable surface it picks up pollutants as it flows into drains and natural water courses (rivers, lakes and oceans) which creates biodiversity as well as health issues.

Sydney Resin Stone - SUDS compliant with all types of draining systems

SuDS Compliant

Sustainable urban Drainage Systems was introduced by the Environment Agency to help manage flood risk and water quality. Susdrain provides lots of resources and useful information about SuDS.


No Planning Permission Required

planning permission is not required for areas less than 5m² or if the new surface is permeable.