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Frequently Asked Questions

Product and method related Qs & As

Comes with 10 warranty and can last up to excess of 25 years

In the end it is smooth finish with no loose stones

Product recommended for use around pools and wheelchair access. Extremely slip resistant surface

On average after completion and due to it's nature Resin Bound environment will re-evaluate your property 10% to 15% higher.

Completely porous, so no puddles and it helps alleviate floods. It is also fully SUDS compliant, meaning that drainage can be directed.

All batches of raw materials are tested for quality and Australian supplied Tested against frost and ice damage

UVR stable finishes to prevent fading. Doesn't fade or discolour!

10 times more eco friendly than concrete

Due to high level of customisation, we will have to get a custom quote to suit the needs and provide honest work. For more information and to request a quote, please contact our team here